Erik von Realty Thoughts hat einen interessanten Artikel zum Thema Immobilienvideos geschrieben, in dem er unter anderem auch die Portale WellcomeMat und TurnHere kurz vorstellt.

WellcomeMat is the YouTube of real estate. It is an application that allows anyone to upload video, which it then converts to Flash. That’s much like what YouTube does. The big differences are that it is much higher quality and that you can add chaptering. Chaptering is the most innovative and compelling part of the application and allows users to skip ahead to view areas of the property that they are more interested in without having to watch the whole video chronologically.

und wie ich finde auch sehr interessant

Turn Here differs from the other video services in that they don’t create listing videos, they create videos about neighborhoods and cities. The locales around the property listing. Their value lies in the fact that when people are moving to an area, they are interested in what the town, city or suburb has to offer.