Das australische Immobilienportal realestate.com.au versucht mit einer Aktion auf die über 100.000 Obdachlosen in Australien aufmerksam zu machen.

Ich glaube letztes Jahr wurde die größte Werbefläche Australiens gemietet und nach dem Erreichen einer bestimmten Besucherzahl einer wohltätigen Organisation überlassen. Leider finde ich gerade den Beitrag nicht.

With homelessness one of the hottest issues in the community, they has teamed up with realestate.com.au and Mission Australia to create an arresting instalation in Sydney's Martin Place. Over 500 boxes were arranged in „streets“ to create a cardboard city, drawing attention to the plight of Australia's 100,000 homeless. Passers by were urged to visit realestate.com.au, and for every click on the site, realestate.com.au donated 1 dollar to Mission Australia. The campaign was supported with outdoor, direct, and online, with the objective to raise 100,000 dollar in 30 days. The campaign was picked up by the media, along with dozens of websites,blogs and message boards. Within 48 hours, the target has been reached, and 100,000 dollar raised to help the homeless.